Bloomington United Gymnastics School a.k.a. BUGS

B.U.G.S. is the acronym for Bloomington United Gymnastics School and is much quicker to say.   We like this name because it affords us a lot of FUN with our pre-school class names (Fireflies, Bumble Bees, Grasshoppers, etc…).  BUGS also sounds very kid friendly and that we are.   Often times our competitive team is referred to as simply “UNITED”, quicker and tougher (the older girls prefer this)!   I like them all because they represent a coming together of the best of both gymnastics worlds!  Fun and Competitive!

Bloomington United Gymnastics School was created in 2001 by owner Lesli Berry (then Lesli Smith) and many fellow coaches.  Lesli ran a recreational gymnastics program called Northside Gymnastics.  At the time Lesli was the head coach for the North High School gymnastics team.  Northside was run out of the North facility.  The Northside program was based on fun and gymnastics just for recreation!  Soon, Northside outgrew the high school facility and began looking for a new location.

On the west side of town, was Bloomington’s longest running and most successful competitive gymnastics program, Indiana Gymnastics Training School (IGTS).  IGTS had been in business for over 17 years at that time and produced several high level gymnasts.  At that time, IGTS was owned by a parent who’s daughter would soon be moving onto college gymnastics.  This parent had done a lot for the gym and the sport over the years, but was a businessman, not a gymnastics coach.  This family decided to look for that right someone to take over the program.  They were looking for someone with enough experience to carry on the winning tradition of the competitive team and enough love of the sport to make the gym a fun place for all involved.

It was a union that was meant to be.  Lesli purchased IGTS and formed a new club that could only be re-named, Bloomington UNITED!  Both traditions move forward today.  BUGS is know as the FUN gym, …the place to be.  Among USAG competitive teams, UNITED is more respected and successful than ever, with many State Champions and Regional Qualifiers to it’s credit!   No matter what your child’s ability or interest level, we have something for you.  Because at BUGS, that’s our goal…  to offer programs for gymnasts at all levels.  If you love the sport of gymnastics, then BUGS is for you!  BUGS offers everything:  open gyms,  pre-school classes for 2-6 year olds,  rec classes for 7-16 year olds, competitive teams that travel (for 5-18year olds), development teams that don’t, tumbling classes and cheer programs.

BUGS has become a United family of gymnasts, coaches, and parents working together to create a positive place to experience gymnastics.  We’d love to have your family, join ours.  We look forward to many more successes and fun times.


Our mission at Bloomington United Gymnastics School is to encourage greater participation and excellence in the sport of gymnastics by providing a safe, positive, and confidence-building environment for our students and their families.


  • Kids Come First!
  • Fun! This is really why the kids keep coming back and why we love our jobs. Gymnastics is Just Fun!!
  • Safety! Our head staff members are all USAG Safety Certified and our entire staff is involved in ongoing safety training. We believe that a staff well trained in correct skill progression and well-updated equipment are of utmost importance.
  • Confidence! Confidence is really what a gymnast takes away from our sport. We love to create great gymnasts, but more importantly – we are proud to help in the making of happy, successful young people!
  • Excellence! Excellence to us at B.U.G.S. means teaching kids to expect a lot of themselves because they are all capable of so much greatness!