Summer Term 6


Summer Term 6 – June 4th to July 28th (closed July 1st-8th)

Find the class below and then click the yellow “register now” button.  Please remember the name, day and time so you can quickly find it in our online registration database.  When sorting for classes on the registration page, be certain to select “session – term 6”.

Monday Wednesday Thursday
Advanced Challenge 3:30-5:00pm
($149– 2/x week)
Advanced Challenge 3:30-5:00pm
($149– 2/x week)
Caterpillars 5:00-5:45pm ($85)
Twistars 4:00-6:00pm
($159– 2/x week)
Twistars 4:00-6:00pm
($159– 2/x week)
Bumble Bees 5:00-5:45pm ($85)
Roly Pollies 5:15-6:00pm ($85) Caterpillars 5:00-5:45pm ($85) Grasshoppers 5:00-5:45pm ($85)
Caterpillars 5:15-6:00pm ($85) Bumble Bees 5:00-5:45pm ($85) Roly Pollies 6:00-6:45pm ($85)
Bumble Bees 5:15-6:00pm ($85) Grasshoppers 5:00-5:45pm ($85) Bumble Bees 6:00-6:45pm ($85)
Grasshoppers 5:15-6:00pm ($85) Roly Polies 6:00-6:45pm ($85) Grasshoppers 6:00-6:45pm ($85)
Hot Shots 6:00-7:00pm ($96) Bumble Bees 6:00-6:45pm ($85) Hot Shots 5:00-6:00pm ($96)
Bronze 6:00-7:00pm ($96) Grasshoppers 6:00-6:45pm ($85) Challenge 5:00-6:00pm ($96)
Flipsters 6:30-8:00pm
($149– 2/x week)
Bronze 6:00-7:00pm ($96) Bronze 6:00-7:00pm ($96)
Advanced Tumble for Cheer
8:00-9:00pm ($96)
Silver 6:00-7:00pm ($96) Silver 6:00-7:00pm ($96)
Gold 6:00-7:00pm ($96) Gold 6:00-7:00pm ($96)
UNITED Competitive Cheer Tumbling
7:00-8:00pm Thursday
Flipsters 7:00-8:30pm
($149– 2/x week)
Tumble Time 8:00-9:00pm ($96)


Term 6 Class Descriptions

Beam Workers

“TUMBLE BUGS” Pre-School
Rolly Pollies (age 2-3): Motor skills & coordination through jumps, rolls, hand support. Parent participation required (1 parent only please).
Caterpillars (age 3): Motor skills & coordination through jumps, rolls, hand support.  Must be potty-trained (no parent participation).
Bumble Bees (ages 4-6): Beginning class focusing on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, jumps.
Grasshoppers (ages 4-6): Intermediate class focusing on handstands, running cartwheels, bridge kickovers, leaps.
Hot Shots (ages 4-6): Advanced class focusing on kickovers, walkovers, round offs, handsprings, leaps.

Bronze (ages 7-13): Beginning class focusing on handstands, standing and running cartwheels, bridges, kickovers, jumps.
Silver (ages 7-13): Intermediate class focusing on handstands, round offs, bridge kickovers, handsprings.
Gold (ages 7-13): Advanced class focusing on walkovers, handsprings, saltos, series tumbling.

Tumble Time (ages 9-16): Intermediate class focusing on round offs & handsprings. Cartwheel & bridge kickover required.
Advanced Tumble for Cheer (ages 9-16): Advanced class focused on tumbling passes and saltos. RO/BHS is required.
* Development Programs-Competitive Team, Flipsters, Twistars, Advanced Challenge & Challenge, By invite only.