Letter regarding Covid-19

Dear BUGS’ Families,

My apologies for the late change and the following closures. But, thank you for your understanding and support of BUGS as we navigate this difficult and unprecedented situation.

BUGS will be CLOSED Friday March 13 through March 29th in accordance with the closure that the MCCSC has decided to impose on the local schools. This may be extended if necessary. We will revisit the length of closure and anticipate that it may run through April 5th.  We are also following the example that we have been shown today by the State Gymnastics association postponing all State Gymnastics Meets through at least March 31 and Indiana Soccer discontinuing all soccer practices and games in the state through April 2nd.

BUGS Closure Includes All of our operations including the following:
Gymnastics & Soccer Classes, BUGS-Life Daytime Preschool, Tumble Tots and All Open Gyms, Competitive Gymnastics Team Practices, Private Lessons and Birthday Parties.
Make Ups and Finances-
-The week of March 16-23 was already scheduled off and was not included in the Term 4 or March fees. So, this unexpected closure affects only 1 week of our Term 4.
-All Class Students and Development Program Students will be allowed to Make up the missed Classes anytime during Term 5 & Term 6 (April 13-July 31). Simply call or email us, once we reopen, to schedule a make up time that works at your convenience.
-Team & Preschool Students will not have fee adjustments yet, as these program fees are for a full year’s benefit and are divided into monthly fees.  However, if this closure last more than these 2 weeks, we will revisit this question. Thank you in advance for understanding and support.
-Birthday parties’ fees will be refunded or rescheduled. Completely your choice. BUGS party scheduler will contact you ASAP.
BUGS Reasoning, Cleaning, & Hope for our Local and National Community-
-Closing our doors for a few weeks is not an easy choice. But, we feel that it is not only the safe choice for our students and families, but that it is essential that all of us do our part as a national community to help contain this virus. Containment might not be essential for you or I, but it may be very important to an elderly or immune deficient loved one or neighbor. If the NBA is shutting down, churches are closing, and there will be no March Madness, then let’s make sure that it’s worth it…. Let’s all do our part with Social Distancing and reduction of large group travel and gatherings to help shut this virus down.  We all want this to end quickly. Hopefully, the more of us who do our part for containment, the sooner we can put this behind us.
-BUGS is currently discussing with a local deep cleaning company and health officials, to determine the best way to clean, fog, disinfect or whatever is necessary to insure our students a safe and clean environment when we return in late March.
Again, Thank You for your support. Stay Healthy and Help a neighbor.

Sincerely, Lesli & Tom Berry~BUGS