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BUGS’ Covid Protocols for Fall 2021- Smiles Welcome & Masks Welcome!

  • Students should Enter through the Front door and Exit through the Side door to prevent congestion in the foyer.
  • BUGS classes will now be 55 min to allow a small cushion between classes. Again, to help avoid as much congestion.
  • Spectator Masking- For the moment, we will continue to request that spectators mask, vaccinated or not. We do not want to ask our clients about their personal choices for vaccination, but we do need to protect our unvaccinated younger kiddos (under 12s…).
  • Rec Student Masking– We ask that all Rec, Preschool, Development, Ninja, and Tumble Tot students continue to come in with a Mask on and Take it off or down when they are flipping around, feel winded, or feel they need to, etc… Our rationale here is that MOST of these kiddos are under 12yrs and therefore cannot be vaccinated.
  • Staff Masking- The majority of our Staff is fully vaccinated! However, at least for now…. We will ask that all Front Desk Staff, Rec Coaches, Preschool Coaches, Development Coaches, Ninja Coaches, and Tumble Tot Supervisors continue to mask, as they work with mostly younger kids who can’t be vaccinated. Team Coaches, who work with smaller & often older groups, are welcome to mask or not if they are fully vaccinated. We ask that team coaches who are unvaccinated, continue to mask (per CDC guidance).
  • Team Gymnast Masking– As quite a few of our Team gymnasts are 12yrs & up, have smaller groups for tracing/monitoring, & are here for more than 3hrs at a time, we will ask that they come in with a mask, but can take it off if they’d like at any time. Team gymnasts are also welcome to keep masks on if they prefer. Smiles & Masks are Equally Welcomed!
  • We encourage, but do not require that our staff be vaccinated. We respect everyone’s individual choices, but do feel responsible to protect all of the kids under our care.  We continue to support, even our vaccinated staff members, masking if they prefer.
  • Each child NEEDS to bring their own WATER BOTTLE, as our drinking fountains will remain closed for the moment.
  • We will begin selling drinks & snacks at the front desk again.
  • We will only allow a max of 2 spectators per student to enter the gym.
  • We ask that if your child is old enough and you feel comfortable sending them in on their own and picking them up at the side exit door, that you do so some of the time… to help us limit the number of people in the gym. You are certainly welcome to start watching again, but perhaps… not every week.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer throughout the building & continue to clean bathrooms frequently.
  • Please have your kids go to the restroom at home right before coming & change clothes at home or in their car, if possible… In order to keep our restrooms from being too overcrowded.
  • We advise students not to bring in extra or unnecessary personal items.