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-BUGS’ Covid Protocols for Winter 2022…

–First, these Protocols will continue to be fluid and change frequently as needed.  We will always be hoping to loosen these protocols, but always put the kids’ safety first when making decisions.  If you have already registered and do not wish to abide by these protocols, please contact us ASAP so we can refund you and open the space for another child on the waitlist. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

-Drop Off & Pick up... Students should Enter through the Front door and Exit through the Side door (gymnasts exit south side door by our parking lot/Soccer players on the North side of the building near the Woolery Mill) to prevent congestion in the foyer.  If you do not stay to watch, please be waiting outside the side door when your child’s class ends. Please be prompt, as the coaches have to get in and start the next hour. Please drop them off for entrance at the front door 1-5 min. before their class begins. Please stay with them until our front door staff has checked them in. The Front Doors will often be locked during classes. Doors will be OPEN for Entrance no sooner than 5 min. prior to class & no longer than 5-10 min. after the start of class.

BUGS’ classes will now be 55 min. We are trying to return to full length classes, but still allow a small cushion between classes. Again, to help avoid as much congestion.

Spectator Masking & Limits– We will require that all spectators mask, vaccinated or not, in accordance with the local mask mandate. And we will allow a Max of 1 spectator per student to enter the gym.

Staff Masking- The majority of our Staff is fully vaccinated! However, we will be requiring masks in accordance with local mandates.

Student Masking For the moment, we will be tightening up our masking for the Kiddos again, in accordance with the local mandate and due to the higher covid numbers and the more easily transmitted Omicron variant. Students should come in with a mask and keep it on through the majority of the class, if not all. Masks can definitely be kept on during stretch/warm up & during most of the stations. We will be especially strict about masks being up over nose & mouth, when in lines or groups talking, etc…  Students may pull it down when doing activities that get them winded or activities where the mask might get in their way of doing their skills or exercise safely. However, we have found with our team kids, that they can safely do almost all skills with their mask on. Thank you for understanding that it is our responsibility to keep everyone safe.

–Each child NEEDS to bring their own WATER BOTTLE, as our drinking fountains will remain closed for the moment.

–We ask that if your child is old enough and you feel comfortable sending them in on their own and picking them up at the side exit door, that you do so some of the time to help us limit the number of people in the gym. Again, make sure they get safely into the building and are checked in by a BUGS’ staff member before you leave them. Do not leave kids alone outside. You are certainly welcome to start watching again, but perhaps not every week.

–We will provide hand sanitizer throughout the building & continue to clean bathrooms frequently.

–Please have your kids go to the restroom at home right before coming & change clothes at home or in their car, if possible in order to keep our restrooms from being too overcrowded.

–We advise students not to bring in extra or unnecessary personal items.

–These protocols will continue to be fluid. We look forward to a time when we don’t need to mask!

Thank you in advance for your support & cooperation! We Appreciate You!

Lesli & Tom Berry~BUGS Owners