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New Covid Safety Measures for BUGS’ Programing 2020

  • BUGS will have MUCH FEWER kids in the gym at one time. We will be having
    3-4 classes in the front of the gym, instead of our standard 12 classes per hour.
  • Each of the classes being held at any given hour will enter through the Front
    door and leave through the side door to prevent congested areas.
  • BUGS classes will now be 45 min with 15 minutes between each class session
    to allow for sanitizing and to prevent overlapping of customers from one session
    to the next. We want to keep everyone’s germ circle small and limit exposure.
  • Stations will be set up with at least 6-10 ft. between them and kids will stay at
    their station until the coach calls rotate (to help eliminate them standing in lines
    close together)
  • Doors will only be OPEN for Class Admission for 10min prior to & 10 minutes
    after the start of class, to allow for our front door staff to clean and sanitize every
  • Each child NEEDS to bring their own WATER BOTTLE, as our drinking
    fountains are currently closed due to Covid-19. We are not selling drinks or
    snacks at this time.
  • We will only allow one adult per student to enter the gym & no siblings
    who aren’t registered for that night’s classes. We ask that if your child is old
    enough and you feel comfortable sending them in on their own and picking them
    up at the exit door, that you do so… to help us keep the number of people in the
    gym even more limited. There are NOT very many available seats available due
    to current distancing standards.
  • Masks are required for ALL Adults in the gym at ALL times.
  • Per Monroe County’s Current Mandate- Masks are currently required for
    kids ages 3 & up, as they enter and exit the building and during stretch. All
    students will be instructed to remove masks after stretch, before
    beginning activity for their safety and fun!
  • We LOVE our youngest BUGS, 2-5 yr. olds, but know that it will be difficult for
    them to follow social distancing guidance on their own. So, we will be adapting
    our 2-5 yr. old classes to require ONE adult to come out with them during their
    first class of the session to help the coach guide them through the class in a safe
    way. Parents will then be allowed to send kids on their own after the first week or
    so, if they are able to follow instructions with only coach guidance.
  • Kids 6 yrs. and up can attend class on their own if they are able to follow the
    coach’s instructions about social distancing. Please talk to them before class
    about physical distancing. Or, if 6/7 yr. olds’ parents prefer, they can come out to
  • We will give each child sanitizer at the beginning of class and a few times
    throughout the class, as we move from event to event.
  • Temperature checks may be performed at the door upon entry
  • Please have your kids go to the restroom at home right before coming. Our
    restrooms will be open with our touchless hand dryers, hand soap and sanitizer available, but we will hope to limit the use for your safety. The restrooms will be cleaned at least three times a day.
  • We advise students not to bring in extra or unnecessary personal items.