Covid-19 Safety Protocols

-BUGS’ Covid Protocols for fall/winter 2022-23

BUGS’ Covid Protocols as of April 1st, 2022: Smiles & Masks are both Welcome!

  • Masking will be Optional for Students, Spectators & Staff!
  • Spectator Limits: We would like to ask spectators to continue limiting spectators to a max of 2 people per student, if at all possible.
  • Please be mindful and do not bring anyone into the gym who is ill or whose family members have been ill.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures… PLEASE READ…

  • Drop Off: Students should ENTER through the Front Door!
  • Please drop them off for entrance at the front door 1-5 min. before their class begins. Please stay with them until our front door staff has checked them in. (To expedite this process, please be prepared to let them know what class you registered for. This information can be found on the receipt that was emailed to you). The Front Doors may be locked during classes & only OPEN for Entrance no sooner than 5 min. prior to class & no longer than 5-10 min. after the start of class.
  • When you enter the gym, you will check in with our front desk staff and they will let you know where to go (this spot will remain the same each week so have your child memorize it).
  • Pick up… We will NO LONGER Bring kids out the SIDE DOOR. All Parents MUST come IN the Front doors to pick up your child.
  • Pick-up/Exiting:
    • Preschool class kiddos will need their parent to COME get them from the edge of the floor at the end of class.
    • Rec class kids can come to you after class if you give the teacher a wave from your seat, so they can see that you are in the building.
    • Then, we’d like you to go through the Bathroom & Soccer Hallways & around to Exit out the front doors… using the soccer side of the airlock doors, to avoid adding to the congestion of the next hour classes coming in the gymnastics side of the front/airlock doors.

Thank you in advance for your support & cooperation! We Appreciate You!

Lesli & Tom Berry~BUGS Owners